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MensajeTema: LocAtc   Vie 30 Mayo 2014 - 13:34

LocAtc 0.9.2 Update, Una aplicación externa paga, que permite actuar como controladores aereos dentro de DCS: World
Citación :
One year

One year after the first release (0.8.0), I release the 0.9.2. Minor version, but still lot of new features inside!
Fix for incomplete picture in client that appears with DCS 1.2.8.
There is also lot of fix/enhancement for BRAA.
You can add/manage bookmarks for server
Add the vertical indicator (show arrow for altitude variation)
see changelog & screenshots below...

Better chat notification (sound notification)
Chat list not scrolled
Memorize last servers and associated passwords (bookmark)
Add Labels attributes list directly in LotAtc Client
New variable %(vert_indic) for aircraft labels
Add %(vert_indic) to default labels
add ability to display/hide individually
text-on-map UI
Note: Documentation is not fully updated to this version yet, it will come in next days.

Some screenshots

More here:


The next main release will be the 1.0.0 with share drawing support, Glide ILS support, a new client UI, new options for server... Lot of these are already coded and will be stabilised in next weeks 
The full approach with taxiways/tower view will certainly postponed in 1.1.0 because I am waiting the EDGE released to make all airports correctly.
It is a change from my initial roadmap but I prefer to release the drawing part that is already ready with the updated UI of client, then concentrate my work on EDGE support (multi-map).
Here some screenshots of the current 1.0.0-alpha1. UI is far to be finished but it will give you a good preview of my current work, no fake in that, all of feature shown in theses screenshots already works! 

More here:

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MensajeTema: Re: LocAtc   Vie 30 Mayo 2014 - 19:58

Se ve muy interesante, sabes cuanto cuesta?.


"Si quieres la paz, prepárate para la guerra".

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Mensajes : 284
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MensajeTema: Re: LocAtc   Sáb 31 Mayo 2014 - 13:17
Get Client
LotAtc client license costs 20 Euros (ca $25 depending of current exchange rate). The licence includes:

  • the right to use the current version of LotAtc 4 DCS client on one unique computer,

  • all next bugfixes releases and the next features listed (you'll be able to upgrade with your current licence, no additional costs),

  • and certainly other features not yet listed.

Your purchase will help me to spend time to enhance LotAtc and add new features!
Payment can be made with Paypal, using the following link.
The license is for one computer and is only valid if you're an individual or a non-profit organization.
If your are not in this case, []please contact me directly[/email]
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